Renovating a flat is a troublesome undertaking. Packing things and securing furniture is time-consuming. We have a solution for you that saves you time and minimizes your effort. Let us rid you of it.

Repository of things for the time of renovation

We will help you prepare for the renovation. We will pack your belongings in solid cardboard boxes and secure your furniture. If necessary, we will also dismantle lighting, curtain rods and household appliances. All things will be properly described and documented. Then we will transport them safely to our repository. After the renovation, we will deliver the things and furniture to your apartment. Our employees will set them up at a designated location. If you want, they can help you unpack cartons.

Post-renovation cleaning

Cleaning your apartment or house after renovation is quite a challenge. You can avoid these unpleasant activities by entrusting them to us. Our service consists in thoroughly bringing rooms to a perfect cleanliness condition. Your apartment will be ready to use. We clean quickly and thoroughly. We use high quality hygiene products. Enjoy your home afresh!

Conversion of apartments to the needs of elderly and disabled people

Autumn years can be convenient and joyful but it has its own rights and needs. Older people, most often with reduced mobility, need special accommodation to suit their needs.   We convert apartments to the needs of people with physical disabilities, visual impairment and hearing loss. We use solutions to ensure the right microclimate in your home. We select appropriate finishing, construction and structural materials. We use appropriate devices, handles, fittings and other amenities to facilitate the independent functioning of seniors. We advise you on how to achieve the best functional and aesthetic effect.

Take care of the convenience of your loved ones